Best Apps for Mac users

Apps which will improve your productivity

Computer applications are playing a vital role in this digital world. They are planned and structured to meet the users’ needs. There are a number of great apps available which you can install on your Mac. However, not all apps are of the same quality. Maintaining high productivity levels and staying ahead of tough competition is always a challenge. A good productivity app is aimed at reducing friction and amplifying good habits to help you focus on your work more and procrastinate less.

Best Productivity Apps for Mac users:

For enhanced productivity, while using Mac systems, here we list some of the best productivity apps. You can further ensure a secure functioning by empowering your systems with a dedicated VPN for Mac devices.

  • KRISP:   One of the major challenges we have to face for making a good conference call is the background noise. KRISP is an easy solution for this. This robust app can precisely identify your voice and eliminates all other noise. Krisp can function with any conferencing app along with the headset of your choice. You can work from anywhere you want without being embarrassed about the noises in the background. Krisp supports 300+ different calling apps such as Zoom, Webex, QuickTime, Skype, Discord.
  • MAGNET: This classic window manager app allows you to be productive by having an organised workplace. Magnet drags windows to display multiple apps side by side by organising the space on your desktop. It is very a simple application and can work with vertical and horizontal screen setups. Using this app alleviates the need for app switching. Thus, you can enjoy a better multitasking experience. Furthermore, it provides assistance up to six external screens.
  • ITSYCAL: As Mac does not show full date on the menu bar, ITSYCAL is a good productive and free alternative for this. It adds a small calendar on your taskbar displaying the current date (and, optionally, day). It seamlessly integrates with your device’s calendar and reminders. With ITSYCAL, you can always have a quick glance at the whole day, week, month and you’re your appointments. You can also personalise its appearance.
  • FLUX: Working at night is usually not recommended owing to the harmful effects on health. The unnatural blue light that radiates from your Mac messes with your body’s natural circadian rhythm that affects your sleep pattern badly. Nonetheless, Flux serves as a useful solution for working at night or during bad lighting conditions. It adapts the display naturally and adjusts the color temperature of your screen in a way that does not affect your vision. Thus saving yourself from fatigue and exhaustion.

  • SELFCONTROL: It is one of the most productive tools one can wish for. SELFCONTROL is an open-source application that does what it is intended to do. This tool allows the user to block access to websites which distract you from your work for up to 24 hours. Even if you reboot your Mac, the restrictions you set in place are irreversible until the timer runs out. People, who are weak in “selfcontrol” and are prone to distractions, can use this tool to be more productive with their time.
  • KEYBOARD MAESTRO: Despite being around for quite some time, this app still succeeds in making your life more pleasant and efficient. Keyboard Maestro is the app to launch macros on your Mac that can be used to automate just about any unnecessary or tiresome task. It naturally performs certain actions whenever a selected trigger is stimulated, which could be something like a combination of a hotkey, connecting a particular USB device to your Mac or even connecting to a wireless network.
  • PASTEBOT: PASTEBOT macOS app is the updated version of an early iOS clipboard manager. You can store a maximum of 500 last copied items, including web URLs, texts, images, or files. Keeping a history of clipboard items, it has got over a dozen of built-in features that make advanced text manipulation possible. Pastebot essentially serves as a productivity booster. Featuring the blend of keyboard shortcuts and considerate functions, it is a must-have for efficient Mac users.
  • ALFRED: It is an inclusive app designed to save your time through personalised user-friendly actions and Mac shortcuts. It improves your efficiency with keywords, hotkeys, text expansion and more. ALFRED allows you to explore and open files quickly, search your clipboard history, create custom searches, perform quick calculations, control iTunes media playback, and so much more.
  • TRELLO: Trello is among the most-used project management apps grown recently. It enables you to prioritise and organise your projects in a flexible, fun, and rewarding way by providing Trello’s boards, lists, and cards. Various departments including Sales, HR, marketing and operations, use Trello to design and customise their work styles and unique requirements. Regardless of the location of your work, this app works as breathing air to the hub of cross-team collaboration.